Muharraq events

The Law In Dilmun Civillization

Dr. Ali Faisal Al-Siddiqui is a researcher and interested in history and in particular the history of laws. He is a part-time lecturer

25-09-18 07:00 pm , 25-09-18 08:00 pm
Bahrain fort museum

Star Gala

Principal dancers from the world’s most prestigious ballet companies: The Royal Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet,

27-09-18 08:00 pm , 27-09-18 10:00 pm
Bahrain National Theatre

The 27th Bahrain International Music Festival

The Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities celebrates the annual Bahrain International Music Festival held under the “Muharraq

18-10-18 06:00 pm , 27-10-18 08:00 pm
Festival, Music
To be announced

The Route to China: Seaborne Exploration in Medieval Islam

Nowadays, when maps, distance and speed have become integral to our life style, we have almost forgotten that world where people

31-10-18 06:00 pm , 31-10-18 07:00 pm
Bahrain National Museum –Auditorium